Imagination changes the future

AI platform designed to maximize corporate value


We are QONECT APP's marketing base in Hong Kong.
Optimizing the communication/decision-making process with AI, Smart Contract and Blockchain. QONECT leverages these three technologies to create a leading-edge web marketing system.


Utilizing proprietary AI and blockchain technology that we have developed in-house, we give our all to maximize our clients’ earnings.

Synchronicity leverages cutting-edge technology to build platforms that adapt to a wide range of different business contexts. A specialist team works with you to aggregate and analyze a range of data and determine what is the best approach for the issues you face. In addition, a fully integrated approach to UI/UX design, consulting, and data-driven solutions lets you maximize your value proposition and flexibly add to this system as your needs grow.


New applications for AI and blockchain technology are being explored in numerous fields, with advances being steadily made. For its part, Synchronicity is focusing on the development of AI and blockchain solutions and practically applying these to new domains. We utilize best-in-class technical prowess and a proven record of in-house solutions to leverage the world’s leading disruptive technologies and turn them into profitable solutions for you. This allows you to hit the ground running and deploy these solutions immediately in your firm’s IT strategy.


Synchronicity also builds private cloud solutions. Harness your vast stores of business data and store and manage them in an integrated and advanced fashion. Creating a private cloud lets you achieve high performance, low costs, and increased security all at once.

Data Driven

Synchronicity utilizes sales, marketing, and web analytics data, among others, to create a data-driven approach that lets you generate results and take action. A web of “big data” aggregated from these points proves essential to achieving a new marketing strategy for your firm. By using our proprietary AI technology and this big data in conjunction, we can correlate points and achieve a higher granular fidelity that yields results.


Cutting-edge technology is today changing by leaps and bounds; adapting in a flexible fashion and with alacrity requires consultants with expertise. Synchronicity’s consultants draw on a wide range of experience and deep knowledge to propose the best solution for your particular domain. A multipolar analysis is used to drill down to the optimal IT solutions that will drive direct returns for you. We work together to maximize your value.


The design of your web site and layout and orientation of commands and functionality is deeply implicated in user satisfaction and their eventual conversion. Synchronicity draws on its proven track record in design to optimize the media you are using to communicate with end-users. In addition to a designerly look, these solutions employ our knowledge of best practices in ease of use and visibility. This creates a brand new user experience that drives quality customers. We can also rapidly add in expanded functionality per your request.